What Makes So Many School Districts Choose SchoolTube?

SchoolTube Provides K12 Classrooms the foundation for successful distance and classroom learning.

Our Story

SchoolTube was founded to provide a safe platform for K12 video sharing.

SchoolTube was launched in 2007 about 2 years after the launch of YouTube©. Our co-founders, Carl and Andrew Arizpe, quickly realized that YouTube’s lack of content controls and focus created an opportunity for a video management solution 100% dedicated to K12 learning.

SchoolTube quickly gained in popularity and was endorsed by many of the national K12 school and technical associations – support that we continue to enjoy today.

Today SchoolTube has active users in over 70,000 schools and because of our content controls, SchoolTube is viewable in over 90% of schools, unlike YouTube which is tightly controlled and restricted.

SchoolTube can be implemented under our free, ad-supported plan, or Ad-Free under one of our subscription based-plans.

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124,000 U.S. public and private schools closed affecting 55.1 million students. - EdWeek

The Foundation of Distance Learning

The Tipping Point. The impact of Covid-19 served as a tipping point in K12 education, forcing nearly every K12 school into remote learning mode.

School leaders and teachers quickly realized that lessons needed to be digitized – even gym teachers saw and responded to the need.

It also became clear that students and parents wanted to see their teachers and maintain the student-teacher relationship.

The combination of digital lessons and visual relationships demands a video-based solution.

Remote classes are only part of the solution.  in practice, schools found it difficult to host virtual classes with 100% attendance due to scheduling and in-home technology limitations. Offering both live and recorded classes and lessons is the solution

SchoolTube is the foundation of a strong distance learning solution offering an integrated virtual class system, video creation tools and safe, COPPA/ADA compliant video hosting and sharing.

Our Services

SchoolTube offers a complete range of COPPA/ADA-compliant distance learning and video management services and we make it easy to join our program with Single Sign-On  (SSO) with many of the top LMS and K12 integration platforms.

  • Unlimited Video Hosting
  • Unlimited Personalized Channels
  • Video Embed & Sharing Tools
  • Virtual Classroom Management
  • Camera, Desktop & Audio Recording
  • Video Quiz Creation
  • Student Video Moderation
  • 8 Supported SSO Apps

SchoolTube Virtual Classroom

All SchoolTube Annual Plans Come With These Great Features

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Video Uploads

Enjoy unlimited video uploads. No restrictions on the quantity or size of user videos uploaded under each account.

Video, Audio,
Screen Capture

Record yourself, desktop and your voice
to make engaging lesson videos

Video Quiz Creation

Convert any video into a quiz with True/False, Multiple Choice, or Open-Ended questions. Automatic scoring, online and exportable results.

Unlimited Brandable Channels

Create channels to match classes and departments to make organizing and sharing videos easy.

Video Linking

Safely play YouTube videos through your student-safe SchoolTube channel.

Custom Video Playlist &
Embed Codes

All SchoolTube videos and playlists can easily be embedded on your favorite website platform

Unlimited FREE Accounts

Free accounts are supported by school-appropriate advertisements and sponsors. Ad-free plans are available!

Thumbnail Editor

Upload custom thumbnails or select from the video scenes.

ADA Compliant
Closed Captioning

Videos are automatically captioned upon upload. The caption editor makes for easy review and corrections.

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