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I use the SchoolTube Virtual Classroom for whole-class, small group, and individual instruction for my class of 3rd and 4th-grade students. Within SchoolTube’s Virtual Classroom, the students and I are all able to see and hear one another. There is a whiteboard available on which I can type, draw, place images, and more. There is an option which allows a student to work on the board themselves. This is extremely useful for assessing the students’ learning. Users are also able to load files and show them within the classroom as well as write or mark on them. I also upload files and prepare my screens ahead of the class. All of this material remains in the classroom until I remove it, allowing me to prepare ahead of time. These are the main features of the Virtual Classroom that I utilize each class. The ability to show videos that I have made has been helpful. I like to give the students a preview of the videos that are available to them within my channels. There are many other tools that would be very useful for instruction, presentation, and small group work as well that I have not yet utilized but plan to do so to further enhance the classes.

“My challenge prior to SchoolTube, was the uncertainty of what would appear alongside our school videos on YouTube and the fact that YouTube prevents schools from posting any branded content,” said Kim.  “SchoolTube only works with K12 schools and teachers, therefore all content is school-related, so we didn’t need to worry about what else is on their system and while SchoolTube is supported by ads, their ads are school-safe and heavily controlled,”

Betty Black

regular customer