Setting Up SchoolTube for a School or District

The best way to deploy SchoolTube is centrally across an entire school or district.  In this way all teachers and students have easier access to SchoolTube’s videos and features plus there are administration efficiencies and economies of scale to be gained, not to mention more efficient access to ad-free viewing, our amazing Studio Apps and Virtual Classroom platform.

These are the recommended steps:

  • Request a SchoolTube Demo: As a first step we suggest allowing a SchoolTube representative to provide a full system demo.  Book a Demo with SchoolTube.
  • Review SSO Options: SchoolTube supports several single sign-on apps including Google Classroom, Clever, Schoology, Classlink, Canvas, Microsoft, Edmodo, and Blackboard. If none of those are supported, users can directly create accounts on SchoolTube.

  • Chose Your Viewing Option: Most school leaders, if deploying SchoolTube centrally opt for ad-free viewing, which removes all display and video ads when their registered viewers are logged in and viewing.  The SSO options above make creating accounts for users and staying logged in a snap.

    • FREE: with school-appropriate ads/sponsors or PAID with all video and display ads removed.

    • AD-FREE: based on a low annual subscription on a per student, per year basis.  Bundling and other discounts are available. (See Pricing Page)
  • Review & Select Studio Creativity Apps

    • Studio Apps: Create stunning and engaging presentations and projects by accessing editable ready-made templates and over 100 Million video clips, images, and music tracks. Now featuring Powtoon and Wochit with more partner apps coming!

    • Virtual Classroom: A full-featured remote learning platform enabling teachers to host media-rich virtual classes from any location. Password-protected classroom sessions can be recorded and are automatically uploaded and sharable directly through each teachers’ personal SchoolTube channels.

    • Visit our Pricing Page for budgetary pricing on Studio Apps and Virtual Classroom.
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