Create Your Free SchoolTube Account

Creating a SchoolTube account is always free for teachers and the following steps and information will help you get started.

Users may now create accounts using credentials from Google Classroom, Clever, Schoology,  Microsoft, Canvas, Edmodo, and Blackboard.  If none of these applications are in use at your school, teachers can create accounts by directly creating a UserID and Password.

  • Single Sign-On Apps.  Go to the SchoolTube Login Page. Select from the available sign-on applications, enter your school-issued email address. If your email address is registered with one of the signs on apps, your account will be created.
  • Sign Up with Direct Entry. (Use this option if your school does not support one of the single sign-on apps)  Go to the SchoolTube Login Page, then select the first option from the sign-in list. Below the user name and password entry section, select Sign Up.  Enter your school name until recognized, then complete the steps. If your school is not found, you can request your school the be added to SchoolTube using this form*:  Add My School.

  • Resetting Sign-On Options. It is important that when signing on, the user always selects the same sign-on option under which their account was first created.  If you are receiving an “email address not found” message, refer to the following guide to Reset Login Options.

Once your account is created, please refer to our Quick Start Guide and User Tutorial Videos to learn how to use SchoolTube.

Establishing Ad-Free Viewing on your Individual Account.  SchoolTube offers ad-free viewing on individual teacher accounts ($39/year), as well as school-wide and district-wide plans. To order Ad-Free viewing on an individual teacher account, first, create your SchoolTube account then visit the Ad-Free Order Form.

Please refer to our Pricing Page for pricing on school and district-wide accounts.

 *Schools in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom can be added to SchoolTube at no charge.  Initiation fees apply to schools from all other countries.

Getting Started for Teachers
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