Do Your Teachers Need a Virtual Classroom?

Introducing the next-generation COPPA/ADA Compliant Distance Learning platform for K12

Virtual Classroom is an amazing new K12 screenshare tool designed for teachers to EASILY live stream and record their lectures, lessons, and presentations with interactive presentation features specifically designed for educators and students.

High-quality video sharing.   Virtual Classroom solves the problem of sharing videos during a teacher’s live stream session. Powered by the SchoolTube video player, video is shared natively to each participant delivering high-quality vidoe and sound – just as if each participant were watching the video personally.

K12  Presentation & Educator Features Include:

  • Student Management: hand raise, mute audio, mute webcam
  • Password Protected Classes & Sessions by Teacher
  • Forced Class End – terminates session access for all
  • 100 seats per room standard.
  • Class Material Management: Preload videos, presentations, & documents
  • Session Recording – Instantaeous to teacher’s SchoolTube channel
  • Interactive multi-page whiteboard
  • Unlimited breakout rooms
  • & More – see below

Virtual Classroom is IMMEDIATELY deployable at SCALE with these K12-focused features to support school and district-wide needs.

  • 100% browser-based. No downloads, no installs, no Flash.
  • Easy to use, for both instructors and students
  • Password-protectable invitation link
  • Interactive educational features designed for teaching and learning
  • Persistent files, presentations, documents, videos, editable whiteboards
  • Unlimited breakout rooms
  • Student/participant recognition, Q&A, attendance controls
  • Training takes minutes due to intuitive menus and display
  • Unlimited channels with unique class invite links
  • Classroom (immediate join) & webinar-style (wait to be added) options
  • Integrated recording direct to SchoolTube channels
  • Unlimited use plans with 100 participants per session allowed
  • Integrated quizzes with realtime grading and grade export
  • Add moderators, specialty teachers, pass moderation control

Individual Teacher


Email Previews


Page Testing

Individual Teacher


Includes SchoolTube with Ad-Free service

Unlimited personal channels

Virtual Classroom

District Wide


Virtual Classroom account for each teacher & staff

SchoolTube video management tools

Bundling, volume and multi-year discounts available

Enjoy these Virtual Classroom Feaures

Video Recording
Sharing, Editing

Quizzes & Assessments

Automatic Closed Captioning

of Session Recording


Virtual Breakout Rooms

Create On-demand Courses

Session Analytics

Ethnic Language Setting

at Teacher & Participant Levels

Virtual Note-taking
During Class

Automatically Host Sessions
on SchoolTube Channel

Class Type Control

Class vs Webinar

Prepare Your Virtual Classroom BEFORE Your Class Starts