Creating a Virtual Classroom Has Never Been This Easy

The SchoolTube Virtual Classroom provides teachers and students
with a robust set of features that can easily be deployed in or outside the physical classroom.

The SchoolTube Virtual Classroom is a robust teaching and learning environment that allows for a seamless transition from the physical to the digital classroom.

Why Should School Districts Invest in the SchoolTube Virtual Classroom?

There are several great features of the SchoolTube Virtual Classroom including:

  • Breakout Rooms
  • Interactive Digital Assessments
  • Automatic Transcriptions and Closed Captioning
  • Digital Whiteboards

In addition to these great features, the SchoolTube Virtual Classroom easily allows teachers to remotely share device desktops, applications, documents, videos, and play YouTube Videos in a group setting.

How to Launch Virtual Classroom

While viewing your school or classroom channel, look for the “Live Room” link in the drop-down menu below your login name.

How to Invite Students

Once you open live room, in the header menu, click Invite. Copy and share the invite URL with your students. When you are on, the sharing session is on. Each channel on your account can launch a unique session with a persistent invite URL, so you only need to give the link to the student once for every channel.

How Do You Get Started Using the Virtual Classroom?